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Polar Star
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Update as of May 26, 01:00 GMT

Dear All,

I am pleased to confirm that PwC kept the promise and arranged tickets for all of us.
First crew will be leaving in a few hours already and I shall depart during the weekend, leaving nobody behind.
The flight connections are as good as they could be on such a short notice.

All the donations received and not returned to you (please see separate page) were distributed among the crew in the following manner:
Crew with long/overnight stopovers - Euro 40
Crew with only 20 kg luggage allowance - Euro 80
(For those not aware - regular seafarer ticket allows 40 kg of luggage, so very few people on board can now squeze to 20 kg. Especially those serving on Polar Star for few years already.)

I am told we may expect some extra travelling pocket money from the PwC, too.
Yet, as I needed to "close the account" yesterday afternoon, we distributed the money available then in the most fair and yet simple way.

I will be updating this blog until I hear from everyone that they returned home safely.
However, please forgive me irregularity.
As you can imagine the busiest time for me has just come.

Thank you once again for all the support, whether financial or legal or moral or spiritual.

Forever thankful,

Jacek Lisiecki


  1. good. please let us know when this has been done guys. :-)


  2. So glad to hear that PWC has followed through and that you are all headed home safely. Glad also to hear that the donations are being used by the crew to assist with transportation costs. Please send big hugs to all and I hope that we meet again someday soon! And please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything more that we can all do!

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